Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 7-11

  • We started our week by getting to know each other and learning the ground rules.  
    • Respect Others
    • Respect Materials
    • Gentle Hands
    • Kind Words
    • Walking feet
    • Quite voices
          We also had presentations on rolling a rug, carrying a chair, how to interrupt when someone is             talking, and problem solving.
  • On Wednesday, we presented the Creation Story from the Bible and today the children were presented the Scientific Theory of Creation. On Friday, we will read Creation Stories from India (Creation By and From Self) and a Native American Story (The Earth on Turtle's Back). These stories helped us to start our work with the Solar Systems and living things.  Please take the opportunity to have a discussion on what your beliefs are in your family.
  • Lunch is going very well.  Thank you for sending in containers that are easy for your child to open.
  • Our Solar System will be our main focus in science next week.

Picture to Word Reading

 Creative writing

Finding Peace 


Formation of Letters 

Cutting String 

45 Layout (Number Building) 

 Object to Letter Sound

 Name Practice

 Object to Number 1-9

 Geometric Shapes Puzzle

 100 Board

Sequencing Knobbless Cylinders

Object to Word