Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 13-17

Identifying Land/Air /Water

Formation and Sound of a Letter and Knobbless Cylinders

Building Quantities 1-10

The Squaring Chain of 7 and Focusing on his Story Journal

Screwing Knobs On and Off to Build Wrist Strength

Learning to Strike and Silence a Bell and Learning about the Planets

Snapping Frame

Patterning Numbers 1-10

Counting Pennies

Buttoning Frame and Enjoying our Library

Finding Peace

Working and Making a Friend

Formation and Sound of a Letter

Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 6-10

  • We started our week by getting to know each other and learning the ground rules.  
    • Respect Others
    • Respect Materials
    • Gentle Hands
    • Kind Words
    • Walking feet
    • Quite voices
  • We also had presentations on rolling a rug, carrying a chair, how to interrupt when someone is talking, and problem solving.
  • We have a had a great week getting to know the children and the children are forming great friendships.

Pouring Himself Water

Matching Bell Sounds

Letter Sounds

Object to Letter Sound

Object to word with Writing

Space View Finder

Even Numbers

Marble Transfer

Object to Picture Match

Transfer with Tweezers

Picture Matching

Peace Table

100 Board

Object to Letter Sound

Alphabet Snake

Making Friends

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 14-18

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

The 45 Layout

Parts of the Fish

Metal Insets

Parts of the Tree

Push Pinning a Continent Map

Types of Shells

45 Layout Cards

Gluing with the Continent Map

The Value of Money